10 popular Gaming Laptops 2018 (DeviceTimes' choice by August 2018) | DeviceTimes.com 10 popular Gaming Laptops 2018 (DeviceTimes' choice by August 2018)10 popular Gaming Laptops 2018 (DeviceTimes' choice by August 2018)
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10 popular Gaming Laptops 2018 (DeviceTimes’ choice by August 2018)


Gaming laptops, or laptops for games, are one of those rarities that people really do not know much about these days. Today we are going to tell you about the best laptops for games that we have already in 2018.

Gaming laptops have specific features that make them better to play than conventional laptops that have the standard and usual set of functions.

The important thing to remember is that not all laptops are designed for games. Only a small range of laptops meets the hardware requirements necessary to run the most current games available.

What we should know before buying the best gaming laptops?

There are a couple of things we definitely have to consider before buying a good laptop for gaming. The results of our analyses show that the graphic card of the laptop is the most important thing to be considered in this case.

The hardcore players or the so-called purists of the game world would argue that it is absolutely necessary to have a PC (personal computer) to play. There are players who have based their efforts on building PCs and updating their PCs to overcome the limits of the games. The main and very important point is that PCs are not portable, so you definitely need a laptop to play anywhere.

There is also an excellent option with consoles, which are quickly taking control of the world of video games. If you really want great performance for your games and also a 4K screen display, then you have to have consoles for those video games. But we are here trying to be helpful for you to choose your great laptop for games, which also comes close to the consoles.

Price range

At the entry level, gaming laptops start at approximately $800 to $1300. The higher price range is because the components used in the laptops for gamers have the higher quality and higher processing speeds. Which is definitely must have if you want a good performance laptop to play with. The best laptops for gamers 2018 start from this price range and go further as specifications and features increase.

Now, if we observe a device of the highest spectrum ranges, that cost between $ 1,300 and $ 2,300. These are the high quality gaming laptops that support functions such as 4K screen display and SSD oscillators up to 1TB as well. They have a great graphics card that helps them in the game phase to a higher level.

Selection of SSD

Note: SSD – Solid-State Drive is a storage device containing nonvolatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk drive (HDD) because of its much greater speed and performance. Now, choosing an SSD is also an important part, since most people are not yet familiar with SSDs. Since prices have dropped a lot in recent years, now SSDs can also be allowed. The SSDs are there to accelerate processes such as starting or loading new levels that used to take a lot of time when playing a game.

That is not the sole purpose of the SSD. The SSD is basically there to accelerate any process on the devices. Obtaining a 128GB SSD for a 512GB hard drive is a perfect match. You can go like that and choose a great SSD disk also for your gaming laptop. The best laptops for gamers depend to a large extent on these characteristics.

How we choose our top list of Gaming Laptops 2018?

We make research of the market to try to find for you the best laptops for gamers in terms of performance, efficiency and overall quality. Of course, the following list of the most popular gaming laptops is our particular choose based on the main indicators and specific research results as the user ratings, comments quantity showing users interest scale and global online search interest on these gaming laptops (or laptops for gamers).

*Note: This list can be changed time-to-time on the base of future researches and observations.

10 Popular Gaming Laptops 2018 (DeviceTimes’ choice by August 2018)

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