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Fitbit Versa smartwatch review



Fitbit Versa smartwatch with the fantastic 4+ days of battery duration is emerging as the most popular alternative to Apple Watch 3

It’s a smartwatch with the simple and attractive design. It has the multiple communication, sports and even payment capabilities. The price of Fitbit Versa almost 40% lower than its competitors.  Another great thing this smartwatch offers a pretty impressive battery life – up to 4+days on a single 2-hours charge. But it is important to note that Versa is a smart watch focused mainly on sports and should be considered mostly as a fitness tracking wearable device.

  • Battery duration: up to 4 days
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters
  • Relatively low price

  • Relatively slower interface
  • No GPS
  • Small variet of apps


Technical specifications

Screen 1.33-inch color LCD touch screen
Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows
Processor Dual-core 1.0GHz
Onboard storage 2.5GB
Band silicone (includes size S and L in the box)
Interchangeable Yes, different colors and materials
Internal memory 300 songs
Application Fitbit
Personalization Yes, through the Fitbit application
Battery Autonomy of more than 4 days. It is charged in two hours
Sensors Ambient light sensor
Connectivity Wi-Fi , Bluetooth
Design Lightweight design  metal and crystal, three colors: black, pink and silver
Dimensions 24,075 x 24,075 mm
Main  features Heart rate tracker, step counter, calorie counter,  automatic activity type detection, sleep measurement


Fitbit has launched its Versa smartwatch version in three colors: black, silver and rose gold.

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The screen is completely square – 24,075 x 24,075 mm in LCD format.  It has generous black frames around the screen, which also differs Versa from other smartwatches. The new Fitbit Versa has a touch screen with the rounded corners of approximately 3.5 inches and 1,000 nits in an anodized aluminum body. Fitbit Versa is compatible with Android, iOS and latest Windows devices.


Fitbit Versa smartwatch offers water resistance up to 50 meters, measurement of 24/7 continuous heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep analysis. Its sports traditions are present in many apps, but especially in the training and motivation guides. Additionally you have the option to play music – 300 mp3 and connect to various Bluetooth headsets.


Fitbit has managed to create a smartwatch that lasts up to 4+ days on a single charge.

Yes, it has no built-in GPS but it can offer battery life pretty impressive – much more than the rest of smartwatches from its competitors.

Fitness tracking Smartwatch

The Fitbit technology is able to record all of your physical activities.

And it’s not only capable of making good measurements of our rhythms and activity, but also of automatically detecting what type of exercise you have performed.

It may not be the most complete tracking device for professional athletes, but for fitness fans it can offer all their needs.

Operating System

It’s also important that the Fitbit updated its operating system up to 2.0. Its basic OS has notably grown and improved in stability and functionality in comparison to the first Fitbit smartwatch version.

Also now you have an access to more than 500 apps and wide range of watch faces.


Final Conclusion

İn spite of that the Fitbit Versa dosen’t has the feature such as built-in GPS tracking and its updated firmware is still relatevly slower, you can consider this smartwatch with 500 apps and many watch faces (or themes) as one of the realy powerful and beautiful wearable devices.

If you are looking for a smartwatch and you need a fitness tracker at the same time, then the Fitbit Versa could be the good choise for you.

Why? Because Versa has more dedicated fitness features. Besides the heart rate tracker, step, calorie and etc. counters, it even can detect automatically what type of exercise you are doing, save and note it for your future activity comparisons, send to your phone and much more.

It also has a clear and bright stylish screen. The 50-meters water resistant Fitbit Versa smartwatch has also an impressive battery life – up to 4 days or even little bit more. Taking in account also the relatively lower price – Fitbit Versa could be considered as your good sport smartwatch.


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